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Epoxy-Clay Bust Sculpture with colorful patina on Cherry Wood Base.  This sculpture is in six (6) separate pieces (base, bust and four (4) mountains) which can be arranged as you like.

Height x Width x Depth:

  • Total Sculpture Size:  7¼" x 14¼" x 8"



Mountain Momma

  • Making my home in West Virginia, I've been inspired, encouraged and amazed by the women who live here. "Mountain Momma" is my homage to them and all the women who have the strength of mountains.

    This piece has been one of my favorites but she came back from a gallery adventure damaged. It broke my heat to see her in pieces when she represented the strength of Appalachian women. So harnessing that strength, she emerges stronger than ever. Rebuilt, resilient and ready to prove that you don't me

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