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Melony Gingery

Artist ~ Sculptor ~ Dreamer

Photo Credit: Michelle Waters Photography


West Virginia based artist, Melony Gingery, is best known for using epoxy modeling compounds to sculpt shadowlike, faceless figures. Based on the merger of reality and dreams; Melony’s work is a dance between movement and emotion.


“There is power in searching for light when the world seems dark.  My work is about finding a balance between the two.” 


Melony began sculpting in 2014, using exploration and experimentation to hone her skills.  She used the same determination to become comfortable with alcohol and acrylic inks.  Her artwork has been shown in local and national exhibitions such as ArtFields in South Carolina and Tamarack Best of West Virginia.


Melony Gingery Headshot_edited.jpg

My Youniverse is built on three principles:

ART connects

SCULPT confidence in others

DREAM... always


~ Melony 

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