Welcome to Melony Gingery Art

Featuring the art & dreams of artist Melony Gingery 

My Youniverse is built on three principles:

ART connects

SCULPT confidence in others

DREAM... always.

Melony Gingery Art is a studio without clearly defined borders.  This allows room for creative dreams to grow. Here, vivid color is splashed, sculptures are created and there will always be a spot for encouraging the artistic journey of fellow artists through speaking engagements, in person classes, and my work with 

I create hand-sculpted, whimsical, emotive figures and fun quirky animals with epoxy clay, finished with colorful, metallic patina.  I love using exotic woods for my bases.  The burls, spalting and quilting of the wood add an earthy beauty to any sculpture. 


Another love is painting with alcohol inks.  For me, sculpting requires uninterrupted attention and focus while painting helps me loosen up and relax.  Alcohol inks have a magical fluidity that dances across the surface.  I hope you will join me as I explore the balance between focus and fluidity… the dance between reality and dreams.



Featured Artwork

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